GFWC Rotonda West Woman's Club

Affiliated with General Federation of Women's Clubs and GFWC Florida

GFWC Rotonda West Woman's Club, Inc.


The Rotonda West Women's Club has six clubs currently, each lead by a terrific Lady.

1. Golden Girls                         Kathy Bickel
2. Lunch Buddies                      Merrilee Warner
3. Social Lites                           Diane Oglesby
4. Reading Diva's                      Becky Heichelbech
5. Happy Bookers                     Doris Walker
6. Bodacious Bibliophies           Julie Dederer

If you are interested in joining a book club you may contact :
Merrilee Warner -

Each December and April one of the book clubs hosts a luncheon for all book club members. In addition, each host club provides entertainment after lunch is served

GFWC ROTONDA WEST WOMAN’S CLUB Dec 2018 ESO Group Semi- Annual Luncheon

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Annotation & Book Form

GFWC Reading List

The purpose of ESO (Epsilon Sigma Omicron)…

To provide clubwomen with a structured reading program to promote individual educational pursuits and stimulate a desire for self-improvement.ESO can take the form of a reading group or through an individual’s personal reading activities.  The goals of ESO which is developed primarily for the personal benefit of clubwomen are as follows:

To encourage clubwomen’s continuing pursuit of self-education.
    To create an additional means to unite women in volunteerism.
    To stimulate systematic home reading and study with minimum supervision.
    To encourage the establishment of home libraries and greater use of public libraries.
    To encourage the formation of reading/study/discussion groups.

    Pledge: A Pledge has obtained an enrollment application and has started to fulfil the reading requirements.
    Member: A Member has completed five books from four different categories, for a total of 20 books.  She is then eligible to wear the ESO pin and receive a membership certificate.
    Star Level: A Star level member has completed five books from ten different categories, for a total of 50 books.  She will then receive a Star level membership certificate.
    Torch Level: A Torch level member has completed five books from 16 different categories, for a total of 80 books read.  She is then eligible to wear the ESO Torch Guard and receive the Torch level membership certificate.
    Century Award: A Century Award member has completed 100 books.  She can continue to the Second, Third, Fourth, Fifth and Sixth Century Award levels and receive the respective certificates. Additional Century Certificates will also be awarded.
    Diamond Award: A Diamond Award member has completed 1,000 books.  She will be eligible to receive a Diamond Award Certificate.

The following is the National ESO reading categories. These categories (aka courses) will be used for the GFWC Florida ESO Program. Learn More